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Last year at Earlham

The final chapter of my college life

June 5th, 2007

(no subject) @ 10:48 pm

Yo, just to say, for all those Japanese readers out there, I have a Japanese blog too.


I'm trying to practice writing/grammar/reading/vocab because I suddenly realized how terrible I've become...I think I'm worse than a Japanese 101 student!!!!!!!! *screams in horror*

So yes, Patrick and I started to write Japanese blogs...I kind of help him out but I'm always second guessing myself. I will admit that Japanese is my Second Language...as much as it hurts, I must. And I must study. Sooo if you want to practice reading...it should be...eh 60% correct I think...of course, I will instert Kansai dialect endings sometimes and slip in some of that here and there but hopefully it is readable. If you have any comments or corrections please feel free to tell me. Also, if you have a really great way of studying, do share. It's hard to study for me when out of a class room setting...personal goals are so easy to bend...

Oh and Stephen, The Dresden Files is a book Series, they also had their own show on Sci-Fi for a really short while. The first 2 books were ok, but then they started to suck. I like the character, but I think the writer gets too angsty...You're totally cooler, A) cuz you're real and B ) uh...cuz you're real...now if you were also REALLY a wizard...you'd really be a lot cooler.

May 9th, 2007

Moving to new Journal @ 06:25 pm

Hello everyone.

I am just here to say that I have moved/made a new journal. The address is:


I made this as a way of getting away from my college and highschool self and journal and starting afresh.

I'll be posting about my summer and my job/life in Japan.

I'm thinking of having a separate one in Japanese which will contain the same stuff...just in Japanese and with Japanese humor, but I don't know of any good bloggers for that...and I'll probably will be too lazy...but it's an interesting idea, I thought...course...only maybe...5 people would be able to read it.

Anyway, I'll still have this one to read all of yours still :)

April 29th, 2007

April 16th, 2007

Update @ 03:56 pm

Have been playing Sam and Max (YAY)
Also Paper Mario on Wii (Yay!)
Almost done with school (WOOHOO)
Will be working at Shitakouji Junior High School in Morioka and will only be 25 minutes or less of a bike ride away from Patrick!! YAY!! We'll be in the down town!! WOHOO
Foucault on a Plane went really well! We had 100% participation and the teachers that came liked it and bought the DVD. YAY. But that's for Patrick to talk about, but I'm excited about it for him too. Very glad that it went so well for him. It's a good movie. Last showing though...we had too many Blinkys.

Still trying hard for a job...still pissed with Explorer College. Waiting to hear from WECI and Wellness center now...I probably should also stop by career development but...so far away.

Dance Alloy comming up...need to really practice and remember rehearsals...so bad about that. Oh and group projects...they need to stop >.<

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anything else? Not that I can think of now. Have a great day everyone.

March 31st, 2007

(no subject) @ 11:52 pm

For my Google Homepage, I have a 'How to of the Day' thing that links to 'How to do...xyz' stuff. Today, it had:

How to become a Philosopher.

I just had to share.

(no subject) @ 11:07 pm

March 19th, 2007

(no subject) @ 08:17 pm

So...contrary to belief, I really enjoyed the movie Brazil. It's very good, and very very interesting in so many ways. I might have prefered writing about that instead of the Elephant man for my paper but, oh well. It made me miss Patrick though. He said he'll play poker with me...but he's not online yet...I don't know how I will play long distance but I'm sure we'll think of something. I should probably work though..or make dinner. I just ate for the first time today, left over pasta...but not enough...

I'm realizing how terrible it is to not have anyone to make food for...it gives me little reason to take the time to do it for myself...I'd rather eat instant stuff.

Note to self buy things to make, potatoes, onions, and carrots...maybe kimuchi. For now I think I'll make rice and miso...maybe tomorrow I'll make mochi and cookies or something.

(no subject) @ 11:14 am

mom calls me today...9:42am...ugh...anyway. I was surprised that the talk of the visa and me going to Iwate instead of Kobe went well. No fighting. A little protest but nothing really. She didn't even mind me not visiting for the summer. This is all very very great and a huge burden off of me. now I can go back to sleep.

I was having a good dream too...I had a cute little pet lamb...and I was at a fair...course...bad things might have happened to it so maybe it was good that I woke up.

At first I thought maybe it's Patrick, the phone, but then realized that if it was, something really really bad must have happened, so I was glad that it wasn't, but grumpy that I had to get up. It's raining...maybe I won't go to RHS today.

March 16th, 2007

(no subject) @ 09:39 pm

So, still sick. Foot still hurts so I'll really try to take all my drugs on a regular basis. Trying to translate my resume for the Assistant English Teacher job is a bitch. Also...have to give up my Japanese Citizenship and take up a Visa. Not looking forward to talk with mom.

Trying to get a job here at Earlham for the summer is a bitch too. I applied for the Explorer College thing for the summer and got rejected...they need a TA for the Japanese class and since Patrick got the tech job...and no one else who applied speaks Japanese...I just want to say WTF.

Really hoping that Library will let me do the job. I want to scan things in. I don't know why but I find doing that to be really really fun. And then I get to stamp them!! And see what books people get.

Patrick and I went to see 300. There were ninjas, giant elephants, and men with codpieces and red capes. It was great fun. But the cute guy gets his head chopped off and they all die...you'd think with all the almost nude men that there would by eye candy but no. They're pretty dirty looking and...uh...yeah the only cute one gets his head chopped off so...you don't see him for the rest. Sad.

Anyway, time for bed...my ears are still not working...stupid cold.

March 9th, 2007

Happiness @ 09:37 pm

WOOOHOOO!!! GOT THE AET JOB!!! I'm going to be working in Japan for two years now!! AND the play is finally over!! YAY more freedom! More time to work on stuff...now just to finish the Thesis part and then I'm really free to partay.

Last year at Earlham

The final chapter of my college life